Descriptor CodeProcedure TitleProcedure PDF
2.101.1pDiversity Business Enterprise2
2.300.1pComparability of Services2
2.700.1pGrant Drawdowns and Reimbursement - Cash Management2
2.700.2pReview and Maintenance of Grant Business Units2
2.804.1pTravel Expenses and Reimbursements2
2.805.2pCredit Purchase Cards2
2.805.3pAccountability Authorization and Approval2
2.805.4pSeparation of Duties2
2.805.5pInstructional Supply Purchases for Teachers2
2.805.6pFood Beverage and Gift Guidelines2
2.806.1pPurchase Solicitations for Bids - Proposals and Quotations2
2.806.2pContract Request2
2.806.3pPurchase Solicitations for Bids, Proposals and Quotations - ITB2
2.806.4pPurchase Solicitations for Bids, Proposals and Quotations - RFP2
2.806.5pPurchase Solicitations for Bids, Proposals and Quotations - QBS2
2.808.1pPurchase Orders and Contracts2
2.808.2pProtest and Appeal2
2.808.3pClosing or Cancelling Purchase Orders2
2.900.1pSchool-Based Enterprises Procedures2
2.900.2pStudent Activity Fund Management2