Descriptor CodeProcedure TitleProcedure PDF
5.104.1pEqual Opportunity Employment5
5.106.1pApplication and Employment5
5.110.1pSalary Scales5
5.113.1pPayroll Costing5
5.113.2pCompensation Over-Underpayments5
5.114.1pPersonnel Records5
5.115.1pAssignment and Transfer5
5.115.2pTime and Effort Reporting5
5.117.1pTeacher Tenure Eligibility5
5.118.1pBackground Investigations5
5.119.1pEmployee Representation Organizations5
5.1202.1pEmployment of Athletic Coaches5
5.1202.2pEmployment of Non-Faculty Coaches5
5.1206.1p Out of Classification Form5
5.1209.1pClosure-Virtual Status for Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies5
5.1212.1pEmployee Badges5
5.1213.1pReporting Arrests and Convictions5
5.1214.1pADA, Title I Accommodations5
5.1219.1pTechnology Acceptable Use Agreement5
5.1220.1pTelework Safety Checklist5
5.200.1pCorrective Actions and Progressive Discipline5
5.201.1pPaid Administrative Leave5
5.203.1pRecommendations and File Transfers5
5.301.1pJury Duty5
5.302.1pSick Leave5
5.303.1pPersonal and Professional Leave5
5.305.1pFamily and Medical Leave5
5.306.1pMiltary Leave5
5.306.2pPaid Family Leave5
5.307.1pInjury on Duty5
5.403.1pDrug and Alcohol Testing for Employees5
5.403.1pFormReasonable Suspicion Form5
5.500.1pHarassment and Discrimination5
5.600.1pWorkplace Conduct5
5.601.1pConflict of Interest5
5.603.1pFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Overtime and Comp Time5
5.608.1pPrivate Lessons and Tutors5
5.612.1pSocial Media5
5.701.1pSubstitute Teachers5
5.800.1pDirector of Schools Designee Pay5
5.900.1pCollaborative Conferencing5